Sunday, August 25, 2013

Losing my hair, losing my mind

That is what one woman told me when I interviewed her about her hair loss for my book Breaking the Silence on Women's Hair Loss.. Acceptance that this is happening is the most difficult. Then seeking help becomes a nightmare for many of us.

While awareness has been better in the years since I wrote my book, for those with alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) there is still little help to restore hair. If you are among the fortunate with temporary hair loss -- hair loss caused by medication, pregnancy and even cancer -- you can see your hair restored over time and put the drama of the hair loss behind you.

There are several good websites that offer support and I listed some in a blog post last year. I will devote an upcoming post to another thorough review. Bald Girls Do Lunch is doing a terrific job of not only providing support through lunches where women with hair loss get together to chat, share support and just "be," but has also now launched a line of products for those with alopecia areata and the make up looks terrific for anyone!

When I first wrote my book I was hoping to take the hair loss world by storm, but personal issues, job changes and going from a freelance writer to landing a corporate job changed my direction and in that time many good and viable support and informational sites took hold. It is not my intent to compete with them but to provide you this resource to navigate them.

Selling hope
With as many good sites out there, there are probably more nonviable sites just looking to take your money for products that sell you hope in a bottle. Trust me, when the hair loss cure is announced, I'll be the first to shout it from the rooftops -- right after I use it, of course!

Until then, please continue to watch this blog for news and resources you can use on hair loss.

On a personal note: This blog was left to flounder while I dealt with a medical issue that made it nearly impossible for me to sit at my desk beyond what I  had to do for my job. But now it's time for catch up, renewal and to get back on the bandwagon and bang the drum for Breaking the Silence!

I wish you all heath and positive energy. Remember, we are more than our hair.


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